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This website is for matching overseas and Japanese companies which handle scientific/analytical instruments.
A brief explanation of some companies published in the “Scientific and Analytical Instruments Directory” issued by the Japan Scientific Instruments Association (JSIA) is provided in this website.
All the companies are waiting for inquiries from around the world, offering a lineup of distinctive products or products with excellent performance, or having excellent sales ability in Japan.
If you are interested, click the link of each listed company and check out their website to make your inquiry.

Using this Website

This site is provided for the purpose of introducing companies that deal with scientific/analytical instruments of Japan.
Applicable companies can be searched by the following methods.

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You can also contact the listed companies directly.

JSIA assumes no responsibility regarding the contents published in this website.

We also do not accept inquiries or get involved with the business dealings.
Please understand that any business dealings should only be handled directly.

We hope that excellent business dealings can be realized between all overseas companies and Japanese companies.
* This website and JSIA assume no responsibility for any trouble which occurs during business dealings.