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TOYO LIVING CO.,LTD. Sales Department
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Office Tower 22F, 1-6-1, Kamiooka Nishi, Konan-ku, Yokohama, JAPAN
“SUPER DRY” ( DP series, Ultra series, Standard series, M-Temp series, Cool & Super Dry, HEPA series, Feeder series ), AUTO CLEAN DRY, AUTO DRY, MOBILE DRY, HARD CASE.
Sales Points:
“SUPER DRY” is an automatic low humidity desiccator in which TOYO LIVING’s Technologies are fully packed.
We offer various lineups of “SUPER DRY”.
We also produce custom-made “SUPER DRY” according to customer requirements.

[ Features of “SUPER DRY” ]
1. By far the best performance in low humidity
Due to the original highly reliable dry unit ( Patent pending ) and its dehumidifying method ( Patent pending ), “SUPER DRY” demonstrates innovative performances in low humidity and low dew point temperature.
The minimum humidity ( dew point temperature ) is 0~1%RH ( -43°C ) for Standard Series, 0%RH ( -45°C ) for Ultra Series, and 0%RH ( -55°C ) for DP Series.

2. Remarkable performance of dehumidification
Humidity returns low rapidly after opening and closing the doors.
Especially, “SUPER DRY” with two dry units are superior in high recovery capability which exerts great power in manufacturing process during frequent opening and closing doors frequently.

3. Outstanding effect of energy saving
Due to the original dry unit ( Patent pending ) and the humidity control system by microcomputer ( Paten registered ), achieved the lowest power dehumidification operation. As a result, the electricity charge was reduced to 1/3 compared to other company’s product.

4. Quality of electronic components
Storing electronic components in the “SUPER DRY”, prevents storage items such as micro-crack of IC packages, peeling of multilayer PCB and defects of FPC・F/R from moisture damages. “SUPER DRY” can achive quality improvement, reduction of process, and cost reduction on the manufacturing process.

5. Standard
(1)Humidity control system by microcomputer ( Patent registered )
(2)Conforms to the standard of conducting IC packages, "IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D".
(3)Equips ground wire with 1M-Ohms resistor on the cabinet and shelves.
Conforms to "ESD-IEC61340-5-1" ( Except of SDM-701M1 and SDC-1502C1 )
(4)RoHS2 compatible for all components.

[ Various lineups ]
1. “SUPER DRY” DP Series
The dew point temperature of DP series achieved -55°C.
DP series quickly returns to low dew point temperature after opening and closing the doors. It is suitable for storing items such as SMD, semiconductors, electronic components and components for lithium-ion battery and organic electro-luminescence.

2. “SUPER DRY” Ultra Series
Minimum humidity of Ultra Series is 0%RH and can safely store items at low humidity.
The electronic two dry units are controlled by microcomputer. ( Patent registered )
Since the Ultra Series is equipped with two units, the other unit dehumidifies while one unit is being heated and regenerated. Ideal for manufacturing process during frequent opening and closing doors.

3. “SUPER DRY” Standard Series
Standard series can be safely stored items at normal temperature and low humidity. The internal humidity of Standard series can be set 1~50%RH. Minimum humidity of Standard series is 0~1%RH. Humidity setting is equipped with a digital panel. No need to open a door for setting. The electronic dry unit which is made in Japan is controlled by microcomputer. ( Patent registered )

4. “SUPER DRY” M-Temp2
M-Temp2 demonstrates the best performance for dehumidification ( Minimum humidity: 0~1%RH ) with the function of warming heater ( Max 50°C ) .
M-Temp2 is especially suitable for "Dry Bake method" instead of using the high-temperature furnace. This is ideal for dehumidification of LED, PCB, and wafer. It will reduce failure rate significantly.

5. “SUPER DRY” Cool & Super Dry
Cool & Super Dry can be set the internal humidity 1~50%RH and keep the temperature 20~30°C.
It is ideal for storing items such as semiconductor such as LED, IC, drugs and food which requires temperature and humidity controlled.
The minimum humidity of Cool & Super Dry is 0~1%RH.
Custom made products with temperature below 20°C is also available.

6. “SUPER DRY” HEPA Series
HEPA Series accomplished Class5 in the classification of clean room.
HEPA series can also be used as a mini clean room.
Forced convection system returns inside the cabinet to clean in a few minutes after opening and closing the doors.
The minimum humidity is 0~1%RH.

7. “SUPER DRY” Feeder Series
Feeder Series can maintain low humidity while storing feeders with tape reels for mounting process.
Removal of the reel from the feeder is unnecessary.
Cabinets with sliding rail installed and store of whole feeder wagon are both available. Capable of storing various type of tape reels.
The minimum humidity of Feeder Series is 0 %RH.