Tosc Japan Ltd.

Company Name:
Tosc Japan Ltd.
Representative's name:
NihonbashiHoncho 1-chome Building 4F, 1-9-13 NihonbashiHoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 Japan
Clean bench, Incubator, Purifier,Ultrapure water system, Syringe filter, Particle counter, Cryopreservative medium
Sales Points:
Tosc Japan ltd. has developed and commercialized the biological laboratory instruments and consumables in the progressive science technology field for about fifty years. Especially, we are interested in products relating to "Clean". To make the clean air, we can make clean benches "NS-series" that suits the needs of the customers. And to make the clean liquid, we sell syringe filter "Chromatodisk" made by KURABO industries Ltd., purifier "DiUse" made by Voltea Inc. and ultrapure water system "Cascada" made by Pall Corporation. And to analyze the clean air and clean liquid, we sell particle counters made by RION Co., Ltd. Furthermore, we make the cryopreservative medium "LaboBanker".