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Mitaka High-tech Center, 8-7-3 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-city, Tokyo 181-0013 Japan
1. Infrared Guide Heating System : Support heating in a vacuum or an oxidizing atmosphere! Can be attached to your equipment. Heating only the sample without its surroundings. GVL298:High-speed heating model. One minute to attain temperature 1500℃. GVH298:Ultra-High-vacuum model. Attainable vacuum degree 5×10-9 Pa. 2. Infrared Vacuum Furnace IVF298W : Integrated Desktop Infrared radiation and a sample room temp controller all in one unit. Applicable to a vacuum or gas atmosphere. 8 ports in vacuum chamber. Easy and quick handling of a sample! 3. Ultra-High Temperature Super RTA System SR1800G : Can heat up to a MAX. temperature of 1800℃ in less than 1min. Ideal for high-speed treatment such as graphene, Silicon carbide and Silico wafer. 4. Infrared Guide Heating Systems for Atmospheric Condition. GA298 : Partial heating in an outside atmosphere!
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Company overview / Specifications, features and applications of our key products
Since our establishment in 1982, Thermo Riko has developed and sold a variety of heat processing systems for research and development based on our own heat technologies. Our systems are employed by a number of heat processing studies on advanced electronic, composite and other materials at universities, research and development institutions or private research labs across Japan.

We are different from our competitors in that our systems use infrared lamps as heat source. This enables to heat samples to an ultra-high temperature very rapidly. In particular, our key infrared guide heating system, GVL298, is capable of heating samples in a high-vacuum system to 1500℃ just within a minute.

Our systems also act as heat source during a rapid heating process on silicon, silicon-carbide, graphene, etc., pulse laser deposition or thermal desorption spectroscopy. Moreover, our ultra-high vacuum infrared guide heating system, GVH298, is widely used to clean-heat samples in a limited space, such as in an XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectrometer), electron microscope or ultra-high vacuum spectroscopy system. Our infrared heating is prominent in the high-temperature rapid thermal processing, clean heating and point heating of samples in a high vacuum space, which the resistance heating method cannot handle well.

Export-recommended Product:
September 2008: Infrared Guide Heating System were selected by the Japan External
Trade Organization (JETRO) for development support as a promising export project.)

Sales achievement:
We have delivered more than 1,000 units to universities or national research institutions both in Japan and overseas such as United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, United States and Taiwan etc. Please refer to the separate document for our main customers.

Summary / About Thermo Riko and our next steps:
Despite the modest scale, Thermo Riko has operated our business of advanced heat technologies for the last 36 years. We are “the only company.” Our headquarter is located in the Mitaka High-Tech Center in Tokyo. Our primary business is designing and developing thermal processing systems. Our future will also be with heating.