Thermo Fisher Scientific FEI Company Japan Ltd

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Thermo Fisher Scientific FEI Company Japan Ltd
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Shinagawa Seaside West Tower 1F, 4-12-2 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002, JAPAN
STEM and TEM systems for Materials Science, Electronics and Life Science: The Titan series of aberration corrected TEM/STEM systems for Materials Science and Electronics: Themis Z double corrected S/TEM, Metrios automated TEM, Themis ETEM environmental TEM, Themis 300, Themis 200. Mid-range TEM/STEM systems for Materials Science and Electronics: Talos F200X, Talos F200i. Cryo TEM systems with high image contrast for Life Science: Krios G3i, Glacios cryo-TEM, Talos Arctica, Talos L120C FIB/SEM DualBeam systems for cross-section imaging, TEM sample preparation, 3D volume imaging and Nanoprototyping in Materials Science, Semiconductors and Life Science: Scios 2 DualBeam, Helios G4 DualBeam series (UC, CX, UX, FX, HX), Helios G4 Xenon Plasma FIB (CXe, UXe), ExSolve WTP DualBeam and Helios G4 EXL Wafer DualBeam for semiconductors, Taipan G2 FIB for semiconductor circuit edit, Aquilos Cryo-FIB for Life Sciences. SEM systems for Materials Science and Life Sciences: Apreo SEM, Verios XHR-SEM, Quattro ESEM, Prisma ESEM, Phenom Desktop SEM, VolumeScope 3D imaging system for Life Sciences. Electrical Failure Analysis systems for Semiconductor devices: ELITE lock-in thermal emission system, Meridian series for optical fault isolation, nProber III e-beam probing system, Hyperion II APM probing system. X-ray microCT for 3D imaging in materials science: Heliscan
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Our full range of S/TEM systems gives you a world-leading and optimized transmission electron microscope solution, whatever your application and sample requirements. Ranging from the convenient and easy to use Talos F200X and F200i STEM tools with high throughput imaging and EDX mapping, to the best resolution (below 60pm) Themis Z, allowing monochromation of the electron source and aberration-correction in both TEM and STEM modes with remarkable stability and reproducibility. Themis ETEM enables atomic resolution imaging of samples in a gas environment, the Metrios system provides automated metrology of device structures, and we have a full range of cryo TEM systems for high contrast imaging of life science samples including single particle analysis, the Glacios, Arctica and Krios TEM.
DualBeam tools have both focused ion beam (FIB) and SEM columns, allowing high resolution imaging not just of the sample surface (with SEM) but also of the interior, using FIB to cut cross sections or take successive slices and create a full 3D image. The latest in the very popular Helios range is the Helios G4 series, how with even better ease of use, automation, EasyLift fast lift-out and creation of high quality TEM samples, and high stability, with an ultra-high resolution monochromated SEM option, providing 0.7nm resolution at 1kV. The Scios 2 DualBeam provides a new generation of high contrast SEM detectors and high performance on magnetic and charging samples. A big recent breakthrough in FIB technology has been Plasma FIB, allowing much faster milling and an expanded range of gas species. The Helios Plasma FIB uses a Xenon plasma to create 2.5µm of beam current, 40x more than is possible with normal Gallium FIB technology, making cross-section and 3D analysis of much larger samples possible, and enabling Gallium-free TEM sample preparation. High throughput sample processing optimized for the semiconductor industry is possible using the ExSolve WTP DualBeam and Helios G4 EXL, including of wafer-size samples. And the Aquilos cryo FIB is optimized for analysis and sample preparation of frozen Life Science samples.
Our SEM range has been expanded, and now includes the Apreo for maximizing flexibility, balancing high image resolution and contrast with low vacuum and magnetic imaging capabilities. Verios provides the ultimate high resolution imaging at low kV, Quattro is the latest in our highly successful environmental SEM (ESEM) range with an FEG gun, the Prisma is our new ESEM system with a Tungsten or LaB6 source, the VolumeScope enables large volume serial block-face imaging of life science samples, and the Phenom series of desktop SEM has become very popular due to its uniquely high gun brightness, data throughput, and convenient software.
Other systems include the Heliscan X-ray micro CT, with a powerful helical scanning algorithm that enables generation of high quality, undistorted 3D representations of your sample with very few imaging artifacts, and resolution of 400nm. And a powerful range of systems for electrical fault isolation in semiconductor devices including the ELITE, Meridian, nProber and Hyperion II.
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you discover the ideal microscope solution for your sample, application needs and budget.