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2-34-9, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Cold chain packaging "BIOBOX" series, Phase change materials "THERMO STORAGE" series, IATA PI650 compliant 95 kPa resistant specimen bag "BARRIAPOUCH", Gas generator for cultivation of microorganisms "ANAEROPACK" series, Clean container for vaccine storage, Safe storage container for organic solvent, Vacuum resistant storage container "KIMITSU" series, Distillation apparatus for wastewater test, Jar tester, COD measurement bath, Apparatus for Kjeldahl method, Soxhlet extractor etc.
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Since its foundation in 1932, SUGIYAMA-GEN has been manufacturing and providing products reflecting flexibly and appropriately the needs of researchers and engineers at the forefront of science and medical fields.
With these experiences, we are offering many unique products and services based on our own viewpoints and ideas.
To achieve appropriate temperature controlled transportation, SUGIYAMA-GEN can propose optimal packaging solution by making full use of
its many years of experience in medical field,
know-how cultivated in business with over 300 medical companies
and extensive high-performance product lineup.
Our proprietary technology to cover container completely (100%) by vacuum insulation panels (VIP) and arrangement of our unique PCM and refrigerant inside the container help greatly to maintain stable temperature.
We can accommodate various conditions different depending on customers with our abundant product lineup.
As for the transport temperature, you can maintain any specified temperature range between -20℃ and +40℃ accurately with our products.
From abundant inventory items, we can deliver products that meet customer's needs quickly.
And we also provide single-use packaging solution for one way temperature controlled transportation.
For safe and secure transport of specimen and infectious substances, SUGIYAMA-GEN also provides shipping containers and bags which conforms to UN, WHO and IATA regulations.
BARRIAPOUCH is a 95kPa inner pressure-proof bag which utilizes patented Check-Valve system developed by SUGIYAMA-GEN.
By putting it in an armored external container named “BARRIABOX”, you can ship clinical samples safely and securely according to IATA Packing Instruction 650.
Moreover, SUGIYAMA-GEN’s packaging solutions for temperature-controlled transportation provides not only products, but also total support from launching operations to aftercare services, such as offering proposals for cutting costs in accordance with customer needs.
You can rely on SUGIYAMA-GEN for all your needs in temperature-controlled transportation of everything from wine to blood, in the fields of medicine, foods and chemicals.