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LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator, LD-5R PM2.5 Digital Dust Indicator, LD-5D High Concentration Digital Dust Indicator, FLD-1 Real-time Dust Monitor, HV-RW High Volume Air Sampler Dust/Dioxin, HV-500R High Volume Air Sampler Portable Type, OFD-1 Digital Orifice Flow Meter for Air Samplers, LV-40BW Low Volume Air Sampler, LV-20P Low Volume Air Sampler, SL-30N Low Volume Air Samplers, Personal Mini Pump, MP-ΣNII Sampling Pump, MP-W5P Sampling Pump, Standard Flowmeter for Sampling Pumps FC-L1 FC-M1, Mask Fitting Tester MT-05U, Fiber Monitor F-1K, SORBENT TUBE, Chlorine Comparator for Free Chlorine in Water DPD Method, Handy Water Meter Aquab, Acid Value Tester, Test Paper for General Bacteria/Coliform Group, Liquid Phase Synthesizer Chemist Plaza series, Glass Tube Oven GTO series, Cool Water Circulator COOLMAN series, Circulating Aspirators WJ series, Magnetic Stirrer, Glass Volumeter, Beaker and Flask, Screw-Cap Bottle, Measuring Pipette, Graduated Cylinder, Viscometer, Viscosity Measurement Series, Environmental Testing Apparatus for Dust,
Sales Points:
1 : LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator
Compact handheld dust indicator performs real time measurement of suspended particle matter (SPM) in indoor spaces, public spaces and for industrial health purposes.

2 : LD-5R PM2.5 Digital Dust Indicator
LD-5R digital dust indicator equipped with a PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector portable and performs simplified measurement of PM2.5 concentrations on a real time basis.

3 : LD-5D High Concentration Digital Dust Indicator
The LD-5D is an aerosol photometer designed to read relative mass concentration of aerosol in high concentration. It is designed to read mg/m3 directly, however it should be remembered that the calibration is strictly valid for the calibration particle.

4 : FLD-1 Real-time Dust Monitor
The FLD-1, Real-time Dust Monitor, is a measuring instrument using light scattering method. It has Digital Dust Indicator inside the cabinet continuously sampling of particles at outdoor locations.

5 : HV-RW High Volume Air Sampler, Dust/Dioxin
The HV-RW is samplers intended for outdoor use. High-accuracy flow rate control is provided by a differential pressure detection system. Reductions in suction flow rate due to increased dust collection are minimized thanks to a constant flow rate function.

6 : HV-500R High Volume Air Sampler, Portable Type
The HV-500R is a compact and transportable sampler for Industrial hygiene built to sample at a suction flow rate of 100 to 800L/min. It has various features and has many attachments for various uses.

7 : OFD-1 Digital Orifice Flow Meter, for Air Samplers
OFD-1 makes it possible for you to calibrate HV-series easily and quickly on a digital display. This is on-site flow rate calibrator for HV-air sampler HV-500R/-500F/RW/-700R/-700F/-1000F/-1000R.

8 : LV-40BW Low Volume Air Sampler
The LV-40BW is poratble low volume air sampling pump designed for measurement of particle matter in industrial hygiene and measurement in ambient air. It is portable and supports both AC and DC power supplies.

9 : MP-W5P Sampling Pump
The MP-W5P Minipump is a portable air sampling pump equipped with functionality for measuring accumulated flowrates and constant flowrates. Its small, lightweight design is suitable for personal exposure measurements.
Due to the fact that the flowrate can be set in a wide range from 0.05 L/min to 5.00 L/min, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes such as air sampling in each of occupational health, indoor and atmospheric environments.

10 : Standard Flowmeter for Sampling Pumps FC-L1,FC-M1
Dry flowmeters based on differential pressure sensors facilitating operation and
maintenance. Transportable to measurement sites as they are compact and lightweight.
Equipped with automatic flow rate correction functions.
(0°C at 1 atm, 20°C at 1 atm, 25°C at 1 atm and actual flow volume) Capable of issuing traceability certificates.Measuring ranges:FC-L1: 5 to 40 L/min.FC-M1: 0.05 to 5 L/min.

11 : Mask Fitting Tester MT-05U
The MT-05U is a portable tester for testing the mask fitness to the face. The leak rate is obtained by counting the number of larger particles that pore size of the mask’s filter in the inside and outside of the mask, respectively.

12 : Fiber Monitor F-1K
The SIBATA Fiber Monitor, Model F-1K, is as an asbestos monitor which measures relative fiber concentration. It detects only fiber particles. Sampling air flows into the body and pass through the screening section and sampling filter.

Silica gel tube in which DNPH is coated for gas sampling.

14 : Chlorine Comparator for Free Chlorine in Water, DPD Method
Used for the determination of free chlorine in drinking or swimming pool water.The procedure is very simple and quick.

15 : Handy Water Meter, Aquab
When something is accessible, it is uncomplicated and easy to use. How should a water quality measurement device operate and work. The AQUAB is one of SIBATA’s solutions.

16 : Glass Volumeter
We offer a lineup of glassware used for official analytical methods essential for field experiments.

17 : Beaker and Flask
We provide laboratory glassware in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are essential for basic experiments, etc., according to the usage and purpose.