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Wet Gas Meter,Dry Gas Meter,Multi-Function Display MFD
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Wet Gas Meter
These are gas meters praised for their reliance and performance. Measurements over a wide range of flow rates is what makes these meters suitable for R&D, Experiments, Environmental Measurements, Calibration, as Standard Meters or other various applications. With their new digital thermometers the meters are even easier to use. Models that automatically puts the meter in horizontal level and adjusts the water level are available.

Measurement range: 0.016L/min ~ 750L/min
*the range differ between models
Maximum operating pressure: 10 or 20kPa
Operating temperature range: 4~50℃
Accuracy (repeatability):±0.1~0.15%

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Dry Gas Meter
With its resin case, these gas volume meters are portable to the field. The barbed connectors allows easy connection to a hose and immediately start accurate reading. It is possible to do automatic readings with a built in pulse transmitter (option). The meter can also be fitted with a secondary resettable counter for easy measurements (picture).

Measurement range: 0.16L/min ~ 83.3L/min
*the range differ between models
Maximum operating pressure: 10kPa
Operating temperature range: -10~50℃
Accuracy (repeatability):±0.3%

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Multi-Function Display MFD
This counter receives a pulse output from the gas meter and displays it as instantaneous and integrated flow. A computer is not needed and it can also display and log corrected values when using temperature and pressure sensors. It has a user-friendly touch screen and the setup is also easy. If needed, data can be logged to a USB memory stick and later be viewed at a computer. It is also equipped with analogue output of the instantaneous and integrated flow, either the actual or the corrected volume.