Shin-ei Sangyo Co.,Ltd

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Shin-ei Sangyo Co.,Ltd
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1-10 shinden nishi-machi Daito city Osaka 574-0057 Japan
+81 72-806-8700
+81 72-806-7801
■Clean equipment Development, manufacture and sale of clean room related devices, clean booths, air showers, etc. ■Scientific instruments Development, manufacture and sale of desiccators, storage vaults, glove boxes, fume food, carts, wagons, etc. ■Processing of various components General processing, manufacture, and sale of plastic and metal materials
Sales Points:
About our Scientific Instruments and Clean Booth&Room Instruments.
We support your research activities by providing you with an optimal R&D environment through our development of laboratory systems such as desiccators, glove boxes, Isolator, fume hoods, clean benches, Clean hoods, Clean cabinets, Clean wagons, testing devices, etc.
From the initial design stage, our products are a full oder-made project carried out in-house until the end of construction.
Benefits of custom orders: Physics and chemistry research equipment used in leading edge research and development almost always requires unique utilities and specifications.
At our company we provide custom products made completely to order to solve all the issues of and meet the needs of our customers.
Our company's strength is the many affiliate companies we have for the materials and processing technologies we deal in, which gives us the technological capability to reliably realize our customer's needs. Furthermore, our company's factory is ISO9001/14001 certified and is equipped with an inspection room and clean room for stable product quality and improved productivity.