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3-22-2 Shimo-Niikura, Wako-shi, Saitama Pref 351-0111 Japan
Optical Parts, Standard Glass Scale, Glass Calibration Plate, Film Calibration Sheet, Test Chart, Optical Resolution Chart, Transparent Film Test Chart (Angle ・ R radius ・ Line width), Square Target, Resolution Test Chart, Siemens Star Chart, Ronchi Ruling, White Plate, SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) Lens, Wide-angle IR Lens, High Image Quality Lens for Inspection, Line CCD Lens (SL-W45), Plano Convex Lens, Fish-eye Lens, Normal Alminium Plane Mirror, Dielectric Mirror, IR Enhanced Al Reflection Flat Mirror, Evaporation Coating Mirror, Dichroic Mirror, Wide-band Hot Mirror, Cold Mirror, Special Coating Mirrors, Beam Splitter Plate type (Half Mirror), Beam Splitter Cube type, 45˚ Right Angle Prism, Penta Prism, Corner Cube Prism, Long Pass Filter , UV Band Pass Filter , Band Pass Filter (Blue, Green and Yellow), Multi Band Filter (Wavelength Calibration Filter), Short Pass Filter (Heat Absorption Filter), Near IR Absorption Filter (Color Compensation Filter), Color Temperature Conversion Filter (Light Balancing Filter), SCHOTT ND Filter , HOYA ND Filter, White Plate ND Filter, Fused Silica ND Filter , Evaporation Coating Filter, Short Pass Filter, Long Pass Filter, Dichroic Filter, UV Cut Filter, UVIR Cut Filter, UV Filter, Band Pass Filter, Optical Window, Polarizing Plate, Polarizing Film, Wavelength Plate, Phase Contrast Plate (Polymer Wave plate), Diffuser, Iris Diaphragm, Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window, Projection Screen Glass, Light Exclusion / Absorption Sheets, Microscopes, Replacement Glass Stage for Microscope, Auto Revolver, Eyepiece Micrometer, Objective Micrometer, Micro-scale, Objective Lens, Eyepiece Lens, Loupe for Eyepiece, Filar Eyepiece Micrometer, Illuminator, Gemmological Instruments, Digital Polarimeter, Reflectance Measuring System MSP-100, USB thermal camera VE-TH1, CMOS NIR Camera ACH100-NIR, High resolution powered VGA-InGaAs NIR Camera, Ball screen projector GLOMAL
Sales Points:
We, Shibuya Optical Co., Ltd.,, are a developer and a manufacturer of optical device, appratus and components located in Wako-shi, Saitama Pref., Japan,. Based on the design and processingknow-how accumurated in 50 years history, we can offer the reliable quality with the reasonable price and the quick delivery service.

Also our products are covered from R & D proto types to mass-production range.
In addition, we deal various type of glass processing works including optical coating, and microscopes with related parts and accessories, such as objective lenses, micrometers and etc.,.
Please feel free to contact with uswithout any hesitation.

Since we started as a pioneer in various optical device, we have always been airming close communications through the provision for many kind of the development.

We think much of meeting and discussing in face to face to establish respected and trustful relaionships with our customers.

Now, given enough advantage from our rich experience with our strong will and passion, we will take a new step to forward to contribute to the socity belong us by the various unique development to meet with the restless new need asked by the time by time.

< Introduction of dealing items >

(1) Optical parts
● Glass standard scale
● Glass calibration plate
● Film calibration sheet
● Test chart
● Lens
● Fisheye lens
● Mirror
● Other vapor deposition mirrors
● Plate beam splitter (half mirror)
● Cube beam splitter
● Prism
● Color glass filter
● ND filter
● Vapor deposition filter
● Special coated products
● Window
● Polarizing plate
● Wavelength plate
● Diffusion plate
● Acrylic filter
● iris diaphragm
● Optical parts and materials for infrared
● Ultra high vacuum window · extremely high vacuum window
● Screen glass for projector
● Shading / Absorbing / Anti-reflective material

(2) Microscopes and its parts and accessories
● Microscope
● Stage glass
● Electric revolver
● Eyepiece micrometer
● Objective micrometer
● Microscale
● Objective lens
● Eyepiece
● Lighting equipment
● Wi-Fi camera for microscope

(3) Other products
● Simple refractometer for glass measurement
● Jewel appraiser
● Digital polarimeter
● Reflectance measuring device
● USB thermo camera VE-TH1 (with Viewer software)
● Near infrared CMOS camera ACH100-NIR
● High resolution type VGA-InGaAs near infrared camera
● Spherical projector Glomal

Please also inquire about the manufacture of custom made products (optical parts, optical unit)