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1036, Fujikubo, Miyoshi-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama-ken 354-0041
Vacuum pumps, Vacuum gauges, Vacuum parts, Vacuum equipment (vacuum drying, vacuum baking, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum deposition, ultra-high vacuum pumping systems, vacuum injection, vacuum impregnation etc)
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At present, vacuum technology is finding increasing applications in industrial fields as diverse as space development, electronics, energy, physics and chemistry, the electrical industry, pharmaceuticals, foods, optics, automobiles, and metals. Vacuum technology makes major contributions at every stage from research and development to production and every one of us shares in the benefit. Over the past more than 80 years, PHIL SATO VAC INC., as a supplier of integrated vacuum products, has been conducting research and development from the customer's standpoint aiming at innovations in vacuum pumps and vacuum gauges, component technologies for manufacturing vacuum parts, and a range of vacuum equipment for vacuum drying, vacuum baking, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum deposition, ultra-high vacuum pumping systems, vacuum injection and vacuum impregnation. The foundation for PHIL's corporate activities is the principle that "Customers come first." Based on this PHILosophy, we consider it our mission to realize the vast potential of vacuum technology under the motto "technologies that create clean vacuum", and to provide products that satisfy our customers' needs. I would like to thank you all in anticipation of your continued support for PHIL SATO VAC INC.
”We are among the best in the world when it comes to this field. In this field, our technology is second to none. Although not large in size, having overwhelming strength in particular categories, we are very proud of the brand like nothing else.”
We, who have aimed at the higher state with a power of a restless acceptance of the challenge to create, will continue to attract people with technology and will add excitement to existing technology. We have achieved the top domestic share in the field of mid- to small-size belt drive vacuum pumps. Our Lambda series of oil rotation direct drive vacuum pumps was completed in 2005 as a challenge to the top brand in mid- to small-size vacuum pumps. Sato Vac will fully utilize our unique technology for vacuum drying, vacuum heat treatment, and vacuum film formation to create products that match user needs by pursuing technology, not the size or reputation to the end, and challenging with the one and only brand in the world. This is the pride of Sato Vac that has been cultivated for more than eighty years.

1. Vacuum Pumps
・We are handling various kinds of vacuum pumps from small-/mid-size type for research and development to large-size type for manufacturing so that customers can select a vacuum pump which is best for their intended application, purpose and operating environment.
・Oil rotation vacuum pumps are our main product for which a direct drive type and belt drive type are offered. Both of types have received great support from customers for their high durability. Especially, the belt drive vacuum pumps feature a remarkable longevity which makes it suitable for organic synthesis or chemical material use. This longevity is achieved by a large amount of oil contained inside to retard oil deterioration and low rotation rate suppressing the rise in temperature of frictional parts.

2. Peripheral equipment for vacuum equipment
We offer a comprehensive selection of items needed in working with vacuum sources. A vacuum gauge series capable of measuring the entire spectrum of pressure, from high vacuum to atmospheric pressure, oil filtration system that prevents vacuum pump oil from deterioration caused by water contamination; and diversified accessories, including peripheral devices and joints, which customers can use to build custom machines to meet specific needs.

3. Vacuum Equipment
・We are very good at producing customized various vacuum equipment according to customers’ specifications to embody their requirements in vacuum equipment. (vacuum drying, vacuum baking, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum deposition, ultra-high vacuum pumping systems, vacuum injection, vacuum impregnation etc.)
・Particularly for vacuum drying/vacuum baking equipment, we can deal with a variety of applications for from research and development to manufacturing, with technologies accumulated in many years’ experience and sophisticated proposing competency enabled by a rich lineup. We are capable of producing vacuum equipment matching customers’ requirements for a chamber size, degree of vacuum, heating temperature, operating system and so forth.
These are used primarily for vacuum drying of a wide range of products, including semiconductor components, electrical/electronic components, electronic materials, metals, ceramics, new materials, foods, and pharmaceuticals.
・We are very experienced in producing vacuum impregnation equipment which is mainly used for impregnating insulator into electric parts such as transformers or coils.
Multiple selections of heating/non-heating method, pressurization or agitation are available.