Satake Chemical Equipment Mfg., Ltd.

Company Name:
Satake Chemical Equipment Mfg., Ltd. Overseas Sales Service Department
Representative's name:
66, Niizo, Toda-shi, Saitama Postal code 335-0021
All types of mixers, Kneaders and blenders, Polymerization devices and reactors, Mixer-related application devices, Water treatment-related devices, Thermostatic chamber / Thermo hygrostat chamber, (Super) Low temperature thermostatic chamber, Compound environmental testing equipment, Thermal shock testing equipment, Prefabricated environmental testing chamber / application devices, Related application devices, Various calorimeters, Various Bioreactors, Wet classifier
Sales Points:
Since Satake Chemical Equipment was established in 1920, it has been a leading manufacturer of mixers and remained a pioneer in environmental testing equipment and in measuring instruments for refrigeration and air-conditioning performance.
We are currently working hard toward the No. 1 position in Asia through the collective strength of our overseas associates.
We develop daring new products in pursuit of optimal mixing. Satake is a leading manufacturer at the forefront of next-generation mixing that meets the needs of our times –– for environmental measures and for cutting-edge fields including fine chemicals, nanomaterials, medicine and biotechnology.

<<SATAKE Group>>
*Tokyo Office [Japan]
*Osaka Office [Japan]
*Chubu Sales Service Center [Japan]
*Satake Mixing Laboratory [Japan]
*Satake Engineering Co., Ltd. [Japan]
*Hado Co., Ltd. [Korea]
*Satake (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. [China]
*Dalian Satake Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. [China]
*Shanghai Satake Cool-Heat & Control Technique Co., Ltd. [China]
*Suzhou Satake Engineering Co., Ltd. [China]
*Satake Asia Sales & Services Co., Ltd. [Taiwan]
*Kwan-Tai Machinery Co., Ltd. [Taiwan]
*Chuyi System Co., Ltd. [Taiwan]
*Satake Technologies Sdn. Bhd. [Malaysia]
*Satake Laboratory Service [Thailand] Co., Ltd.

To pursue the eternal question of how to control flows, Satake established and operates the Satake Mixing Laboratory, which is the only research laboratory in Japan that specializes in mixing.
In addition to the verification of actual phenomena, this laboratory applies computational fluid dynamics to analyze fluid flows in mixing tanks. The resulting model data is created by 3D printing to offer a one-stop solution from simulations through to verification testing.

General purpose / Small machine
*Portable Mixer
*Multi A Mixer
*EG Mixer

Water treatment
*Super-Mix Series [High efficiency mixing impellers]
*RB Mixing System
*Multi S Mixer
*D/E Top Mixer

*Super-Mix Series [High efficiency mixing impellers]
*Super Shear Mixer
*Multi S Mixer
*Hybrit Mixing System
*D/E Top Mixer
*Multi Line Mixer
*New Side Mixer [Oil tank mixer]

Food & Beverage
*Super-Mix Series [High efficiency mixing impellers]
*Portable Mixer [All stainless-steel specification]
*Multi S Mixer
*D/E Top Mixer
*Multi A Mixer
*EG Mixer

*Floatingmag Mixer
*Supermag Mixer
*Super-Mix Series [High efficiency mixing impellers]
*Super Shear Mixer
*Portable Mixer [All stainless-steel specification]
*Multi A Mixer

Bio & Regenerative medical techniques
*Animal cell Bioreactor "MRF Reactor"
*Animal cell Bioreactor "VMF Reactor"
*Micro-bubble system animal cell culture Bioreactor "VerSus Reactor"
*Single-use Bioreactor
*D floating iPS cell differentiation induction Bioreactor "HiD 4 by 4 Reactor"
*Microbial culture / Plant culture Turbine "Super-Mix HS100"
*Aeration mixing system "Satake Sparger"

*Super Shear Mixer
*Hybrit Mixing System
*Multi S Mixer
*D/E Top Mixer
*Multi Line Mixer
*Super-Mix Series [High efficiency mixing impellers]
*Portable Mixer

Paper manufacturing
*Multi S Mixer
*D/E Top Mixer
*Multi A Mixer

For experiments
*Mixing Torque Meter ST-3000Ⅱ
*EG Mixer
*Super-Mix Series [High efficiency mixing impellers]

*Development of exclusive mixers and mixing impellers for each purpose of use
*Contracted numerical calculation [CFD simulation]
*Evaluation of contracted cell culture
*Development of regenerative medicine / iPS cell differentiation induction bioreactor
Environmental testing equipment is needed for the accurate verification of the reliability of building and car air-conditioners manufactured by the user.
Satake acts as a partner from the planning stage of equipment development and makes an overall proposal that meets all requirements from test conditions to the equipment installation environment. The most important issue is to quickly grasp technological trends and rapidly develop and propose the measuring system needed. We actively introduce advanced technologies to contribute toward a society that adapts to the environment.

Testing Equipment
*Psychrometric Calorimeter
*Balanced Room-type Calorimeter
*Multifunction (Balanced Ambient / Psychrometric) Calorimeter
*Secondary Refrigerant Compressor Calorimeters
*Compressor Calorimeter
*Oil Discharge Flow Rate Measuring Device
*Car Air Conditioner Bench Testing Device
*Car Environment Simulation Test Chamber
*Anechoic Room / Sound Proof Room
*Refrigerator Test Equipment
*Fan Performance Measuring Device
*Motor Characteristics Test Device
*Thermo Hygrostat Chamber / Heat Shock Test Device/ Prefabricated Environmental Testing Chamber

*i Classifier