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Taisei Koki Building 402, 5-4-12, Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012, Japan
+81 3 6853 8960
+81 3 6853 7991
Plunger pumps,gear pumps,annular gear pumps,DC pumps,AC pumps,Pumps for liquid,Pumps for air,Pump OEM modules, Diaphragm pumps,Pumps for clinical analyzers,Pumps for HPLC systems,Pumps for capsule filling, Pumps for printing,Micro pumps,Stand alone pumps,Dosing pumps,Dispensing pumps,Pumps for exhaust gas analyzers, Space saving pumps,Reproducible pumps,Compact pumps,Pumps of long service life,Pumps with plunger seal back washing pool, Pumps with plunger seal back washing ports,TS-MP series pumps,TS-MP45,TS-MP55,TS-MP64,TS-MP78,TS-MP110,TS-MP18,TS-MP135, uf pumps,CM-15,MV-600G,GA-380,CM-50,CV-202,MV-75,MW-901,SV-10,DM-707,GS6EA, Solenoid micro pumps,Solenoid pinch valves,Solenoid valves,Isolation valves,Mixing valves, In-line filters,Stainless steel sintered filters,Filters for GPC,Filters for air,Filters for liquid, Degassers,Degasser OEM modules,DG series,DU series,Degasys Ultimate,DP series,Degasys Popular,Degassers for HPLC systems, Degassers with Teflon AF,Solvent degassers, Ceramic resistors,ER resistors,SP resistors,AS resistors,W resistors,WD resistors,ASW,ASD,Resistors for high electric power, Resisters for public transportation,Resistors for plants,Non-inductive resistors,Resistors for high voltage, Water cooling type resistors,Disk type resistors,Resisters for communication, Temperature indicating label,Thermo label,UV label,Dew label, Paperless recorders,VW7000 series,Panel mount recorders,Hybrid recorders,Strip chart recorders, Micro capsules, Laboratory equiptment,Equipment for sample preparation,Colony counters, Precision metal parts,Titanium bars,Titanium rods,Titanium sheet,Teflon AF tubing,Teflon AF sheet,Pressure sensors
Sales Points:
"How much?" is a factor in selecting products for our sales line.
Price? Of course, but not only that. Our interest is that
how much value could be added for users with performance of our
products. How much could we help customers? Time saving,
less down time for maintenance, small foot print, etc.
We would be flexible to comply with diversified applications
on basis of (1) experience accumulated for more than 40 years since
establishment, (2) network of leading customers domestic as well as
overseas, (3) wide range of sales activities with governmental
institutes, universities, laboratories, R & D, and production
in industries, (4) variety of products such as laboratory equipment,
analytical instruments and related equipment, stand alone pumps and
OEM modules to be built in systems, precision components,
metal and resin parts. in English for
overseas customers and in Japanese for
domestic customers will show you typical products.
Requests for products other than those would be always welcome.
Send us inquiries at