Rudolph Research Analytical JAPAN

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Rudolph Research Analytical JAPAN
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294, Sakuramiyacho,Ohmihachiman-city,SHIGA,JAPAN,5230893
Refractometer, Density Meter, Digital Polarimeter, Polarimeter, Saccharimeter,Automation,
Sales Points:
The Rudolph Research Refractometer, Automatic Density Meter, Autopol Polarimeter, and Saccharimeter, products are used Globally by more than 8,000 customers, in over 80 countries around the world. Our instruments are utilized in the most demanding Pharmaceutical, Chemical, University, Petroleum, Sugar, Food, and Beverage Laboratories.

We offer all our instruments with industry application specific accessories and automation options to ensure your sample measurement requirements are met, time is saved, and maximum accuracy is achieved. Our Product Managers and engineers have worked with difficult applications across a wide range of industries and we can help you select an instrument or system to meet your requirements.

Quality, Integrity, and Innovation with a Global Reach for over 50 years is reflected in all aspects of our business, including instrument manufacturing, sales, and service support. We incorporate these principles into every Refractometer, Density Meter, Polarimeter, and Saccharimeter we manufacture.

Thus, Rudolph Research has established itself as a premier analytical instrument manufacturer, well known for its quality, reliability and is NVLAP certified. Our Global Network of Business Partners allows us to serve Laboratory Customers anywhere in the world they choose to do business. Our Service department offers maintenance support, calibration services, and replacement parts for all our instruments. We support all our products for the life of the instrument with many instruments manufactured over 30 years ago, still in service today.