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Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer “μ-X360s”, Non-Contact Surface Hardness Variation Scanner “muraR”, Hardened-layer thickness measurement
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Ever since Pulstec was established, our strategy has been for "Research & Development Oriented Manufacturing", contributing to innovative development within the industrial community, focusing on the research, development and production of products having high originality such as tester equipment and measuring devices that meet market needs.

★“μ-X360s” Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer★
We have succeeded in producing the world's 1st "cos alpha method" applied residual stress analyzer on a commercial basis; this analyzer is compact, cost-effective, high-speed and high-precision measurement equipment.
μ-X360s is easy to carry because of the world's lightest and smallest equipment. Fast inspection is possible. Using μ-X360s, you can measure residual stress by yourself to analyze cause of crack and warp, or to check the effect of heat treatment and surface modification.

・Measurement items: Residual stress, Full width at half maximum, and retained austenite.
・Full diffraction rings can be obtained on two-dimensional detector.
・Crystal structure information such as large crystal grains and crystal orientation can be displayed.
・Low power X-ray output (30 kV, 1.5 mA).
・Easy set up and simple operation.
・Easy and fast X-ray tube exchange by users: enables a greater range of materials to be measured – tube target’s available include Cr, V, Cu, Co, Mn.
・Easy to carry and measure in the field because of its portability.

・Various industrial fields such as transportation equipment (railways, cars, ships, airplanes, etc.), bearings, iron and steel structure and components, electric power, heavy machines, surface modification, etc.
・Domestic/Overseas universities and public research institutions
・Solution to problems such as dimensional change after machining, cracks/fissures of weld zones, cracks after heat treatment, strength shortage after treatment, etc.
・Process improvements, quality control, yield improvement, equipment durability check, remaining life assessment of infrastructure, etc.

★“muraR” Non-Contact Surface Hardness Variation Scanner★
World's first technology! muraR offers automatic scan of 'Hardness Variation' of surface of steel by non-contact and non-destructive inspection.
It is possible to detect abnormal part, such as grinding burn and heat treatment variation, from scanning range.

・High speed scanning of 'Hardness Variation'.
・Enable to measure effect of heat treatment, machining burn and grinding burn by non-destructive inspection.
・In-line inspection or integrated inspection by robot is available because of the small size and light weight sensor head.
・Auto mapping function, judgment function is available by customizing software.
・Free from visual inspection which needs special skills.

・Inspection or evaluation for machining burn or grinding burn.
・Alternative inspection of destructive or visual inspection by nital etching.
・Inspection of quenching variation after heat treatment.

★Application :Hardened-layer thickness measurement★
Measure hardened-layer thickness by using XRD. Resin embedding process is unnecessary. It is possible to measure effective hardened-layer thickness and full hardened-layer thickness by using XRD in a short time compared to other hardness test. It is possible to simplify work process and reduce disposal cost. High precision and automatic measurement remove sensory evaluation.

・Resin embedding process is unnecessary.
・Reduce work process by automatic measurement and eliminate measurement variability by sensory evaluation.
・OK/NG judgement by calibration between Vickers hardness and FWHM.
・Retained austenite measurement is available (option)

・Hardened-layer thickness measurement by heat treatment