PRECI Co., Ltd.

Company Name:
PRECI Co., Ltd.
Representative's name:
2-11-6 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 Japan
Shaker, Incubator Shaker, Platelet Shaker, High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer,Spray Dryer, Spray Cooler,High Precision Cleaning System, Condenser, Dehydrator, Liquid Regenerator,Vacuum Dryer, Water Purifier
Sales Points:
Since entering the industry, we have been rapidly become known as one of Japan’s industry-leading companies. By taking advantage of utilizing our leading-edge technology, we have contracted and installed our shakers at majority of Japanese universities, research institutions, and private companies, as well as overseas organizations. In particular, our large-capacity and high-speed motion shakers are regarded as the best for their unsurpassed robustness and stability. Our lineup includes products for microbiological and cell culturing/aeration, storage of platelets, solubility studies, and leachate analyses. Our technology of 70mm shaking diameter and high-speed shaking motion delivers the highest oxygen transfer available.
We offer high-pressure steam sterilizers backed with high quality and dependable service. Our sterilizers deliver full-automated processes to suit specific requirements. Products are available for various apparatuses, culture media, soil, and other specific uses of sterilization. Different heat sources and a variety of options can be selected to suit your particular requirements.