Park Systems Japan Inc.

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Park Systems Japan Inc.
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1-17-1 Kanda-Nishikicho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0054
AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes) 1.Research AFMs 1)Park NX10 The world's most accurate easy-to-use research AFM 2)Park NX20 Power, versatility, ease of use, brilliantly combined for large sample AFM. 3)Park XE15 Capable, adaptable and affordable the best value large sample AFM. 4)Park XE7 True research-grade AFM for the practical budget. 5) Park NX-Hivac The most advanced high vacuum AFM for failure analysis and sensitive materials research. 6)Park NX10 SICM Cutting-edge nanoscale imaging in aqueous environments. 7)Park NX12-Bio Three compelling nanoscale microscopies in one innovative platform. 8)Park NX12 The most versatile AFM platform for your nanoscale microscopy needs. 2. Industrial AFMs 1)Park NX-HDM The most innovative AFM for automated defect review and surface roughness measurement. 2)Park NX-PTR Fully automated AFM for accurate inline metrology of hard disk head sliders. 3)Park NX-Wafer Low noise, high throughput atomic force profiler with automatic defect review. 4)Park NX-3DM Innovation and efficiency for 3D metrology. 5)Park NX-TSH is for large and heavy sample flat panel display glass and features conductive AFM for electric defect analysis by integrating a micro probe station.
Sales Points:
Park Systems provides a range of popular AFMs for general research and industrial applications. Designed to be extremely versatile while still providing the accuracy and functionality necessary to do high quality work, our line of general AFMs offer researchers and engineers alike the ability to get extremely accurate results quickly and easily.
1.Research AFMs
Allowing users to take highly accurate measurements and complete their work more quickly, these tools can improve efficiency in the workplace and reduce errors, leading to more profitable, more consistent development and productive processes.
2. Industrial AFMs
Park Systems is dedicated not just to advancing research, but industry as well. That's why our designers have worked to build a line of the most effective AFMs for FA engineers and industrial applications.