Nittoseiko Analytech

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Nittoseiko Analytech Co., Ltd.
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7-10-1, Chuo-rinkan, Yamato, Kanagawa, 242-0007, Japan
<Moisture Meter>
Convertible Moisture Meter: CA-310
Compact Karl Fischer Moisture Meter: CA-31/KF-31

General-purpose Automated Potentiometric Titrator: GT-200

<Elemental Analyzer>
Nitrogen, Sulfur and Chlorine measurement: NSX-2100V, NSX-2100H
Ion Chromatograph Pre-treatment Unit: AQF-2100H
Total Organic Halogen Analyzer: TOX-300
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer: TOC-310V
Adsorbable Organic Halogen Analyzer AOX-200

<Resistivity Meter>
Resistivity Measuring Equipment ; Loresta / Hiresta Series
Sales Points:
Convertible Moisture Meter: CA-310

The Karl Fisher Coulometric/Volumetric Moisture Meter System enables simultaneous four-channel measurement and trace moisture measurement. 8.4 inch color LCD touch screen offers excellent operability. In addition, automatic operation by scheduling function and flexible operation by wireless connection (option) are possible. Compatible stirrer allows both volumetric
and coulometric method just by converting volumetric flask and coulometric cell. With data integrity feature, CA-310 comes with strong and smart support for data protection and management without a dedicated PC. Audit trail function is provided as an option in the data integrity version of the CA-310 software.

Compact Karl Fischer Moisture Meter: CA-31/KF-31

This Karl Fisher moisture meter eliminates all complicated operations while maintaining the accuracy and sensitivity of coulometric moisture measurement and is convertible-type moisture meter with both coulometric and volumetric functions. When the power is turned on and the blank correction is automatically completed, simply press the start of the measurement and inject the sample. It is also lightweight and battery powered. The optional carrying case is easy to carry anywhere. External printers and electronic balances can also be connected. In addition, a well-established electrode conditioning function ensures that the sensitivity of the electrode is kept normal at all times.

General-purpose Automated Potentiometric Titrator: GT-200

The 5.7-inch color LCD monitor, which is large and easy to see on the display screen, makes it easier to understand the information required for titration in English. Connecting the USB mouse (optional) further improves operability. The titration procedure can be easily set, changed, and started with the Quick window. Connecting the USB memory enables you to save measurement results and back up all settings.

Nitrogen, Sulfur, Chlorine measurement: NSX-2100V (Vertical furnace), NSX-2100H (Horizontal furnace)

3 different detectors can be connected to 1 furnace (vertical or horizontal) depending on your requirement. You can automatically measure multiple samples by connecting an optional auto-sample changer. The sulfur in the gas can be measured by connecting an optional gas injector

- Nitrogen Detector ND-210
The chemiluminescence method is used to detect trace amounts of nitrogen in a simple and rapid manner. The schedule management software allows you to operate conveniently from start to stop. In addition, a wide range of concentrations can be measured. Trace amounts of nitrogen in various non-aqueous and water-based samples can be measured and are useful in the fields of environmental pollution prevention, plant operation control, quality control, etc.

- Sulfur Detector SD-210
Trace amounts of sulfur in petroleum and petrochemical products can be measured quickly, with high sensitivity, and with high accuracy by ultraviolet fluorescence. Connecting an optional nitrogen detector (ND-210) or a coulometric detector enables measurement of nitrogen and chlorine.

- Chlorine Detector MCD-210
With the well-established coulometry method, all chlorine or total sulfur in petroleum and petrochemical products can be measured quickly, with high sensitivity and with high accuracy by simply injecting samples from ppm levels to the order of %.
By replacing the electrodes of the titration cell, trace chlorine or trace sulfur can be switched for measurement.

Ion Chromatograph Pre-treatment Unit: AQF-2100H

AQF-2100H burns a sample, collects it with an absorbing liquid, and automatically injects it into an ion chromatograph (IC). The system fully automates the introduction of samples, combustion, absorption, injection into ICs, post-combustion cleaning, and supply of absorbent, enabling the fractional determination of sulfur, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine in plastics, oils, and waste. Established program controls the total analysis and enables to start combustion of the next sample to minimize analysis time.

Total Organic Halogen Analyzer: TOX-300

TOX-300 is cost effective solution for environmental analysis.
Matrix independent (soot free) combustion program improves lower measuring limit.
Advanced database software and the reputed coulometry method allow measurement of chloride and sulfur content in solid, liquid and gaseous samples down to the ppm level - to be fully utilized at various plants.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer: TOC-310V

TOC-310V adopts burning technologies and high-sensitive NDIR which we have developed over many years. This unit is optimized for samples containing suspended substances by adopting direct injection injection. In addition, the three-sample simultaneous processing function enables short-time measurement at the time of NPOC measurement.

Adsorbable Organic Halogen Analyzer: AOX-200

Cost effective solution for environmental analysis.
Open top pyrolysis combustion provides unique features.
No gases required for combustion except air.
Acetic acid destruction keeps atmosphere clean.
Small foot print (<50cmwidth)

Resistivity Measuring Equipment: Loresta / Hiresta Series

The resistivity of the material can be measured quickly with a special probe for various sample shapes with a wide range of 10-4 to 1014 ohms. The four-probe method is used for low resistance, and the ring electrode method is used for high resistance. It is possible to cope with a wide range of issues, from research and development to quality control.
Main sample of interest:
Conductive plastics, rubber, films, paints, glass substrates for LCDs (ITO films, metal thin films), antistatic materials, ceramics, paper, fibers, etc.