Nippon Science Core Co.

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Nippon Science Core Co.
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4-1-1 Minatojimanakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0046 Japan
Surface Measurement Systems: DVS series(Dynamic Vapor Sorption), iGC-SEA(Inverse Gas Chromatography-Surface Energy Analyzer), Vapor Pressure Analyzer, Vapourtec: Flow Chemistry System, Zaiput: Liquid-Liquid/Gas-Liquid Separators, Biopharma: Lyostat Freeze Drying Microscope, Relequa: Relequa System
Sales Points:
Nippon Science Core Co. provides advanced scientific equipment that contributes to future technologies such as pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, next-generation energy, new materials, etc.

We are partnering with overseas suppliers and collaborating with domestic institutions.

Surface Measurement Systems, a world leader in solid surface analysis, has the necessary research equipment for the evaluation of water/organic solvent adsorption, amorphous component analysis, surface energy, glass transition temperature, and solubility.

Vapourtec and Zaiput have groundbreaking products in the application of flow chemistry (micro reaction) technology.

Biopharma Group is a leading company that provides research equipment such as freeze-drying microscope system as well as consulting on freeze-drying technology.

These products have already been published in many pieces of literature.

Please let us know if you have any interests in our products and projects.
Our goal is to contribute to society by supporting your cutting-edge research and development.