Nippon Medical & Chemical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Company Name:
Nippon Medical & Chemical Instruments Co., Ltd. 
Representative's name:
3-9, Tamatsukuri motomachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0014, Japan
■Medical Products: Conventional Negative Pressure Chamber, Portable Isolation Bed under Negative Pressure, Isolation Wheelchair, Sputum Collection Booth, Infection Control Exhaust Unit ■Scientific Products: Plant Growth Chamber, Low Temperature Incubator, Temperature Gradient Incubator, Bio-multi Incubator, Mini Plant Incubator, Plant Microtome
Sales Points:
●Conventional Negative Pressure Chamber NB-1200S: For prevention of nosocomial infection, new influenza infection, etc. Easy to be installed with simple setting of ducts (* can also be used without ducts). Keeps negative pressure inside the chamber, and does not leak contaminated air into environment. Quickly sucks contaminated air with wide suction areas. HEPA filters are used in the exhausting system.
●Portable Isolation Bed under Negative Pressure CIB-2000S: Portable Isolation Bed for moving infected patients. The isolator is maintained under negative pressure. The exhaust system is equipped with HEPA filter treated with bactericidal enzymes. The flexible film isolator can be opened and closed with a fastener, which allows a patient to easily get in and out of the bed. The unit can be loaded in an ambulance together with a stretcher due to its lightweight and compact design. The isolator, stretcher, and exhaust system can be separated/folded.
●Isolation Wheelchair (negative pressure) CIW-1500N: Isolation Wheelchair CIW-1500N for moving infected patients. It is much more inexpensive than an isolation bed. It can reduce patient’s resistance to lie down. It has a HEPA filter with bactericidal enzymes not to leak pathogens. One caregiver is enough to carry this model (with a hand break). The height is adjustable so that a patient in an isolation wheel chair can be loaded in a van. Four-hour continuous operation is possible with a battery (built-in battery can be recharged by household AC power). The capsule-like isolator can be removed and repeatedly used after disinfection.
●Sputum Collection Booth VCM-1500N2/VCM-780N2: Keeping the booth negative pressure prevents the aerosol generated at sputum collection from leaking out to the environment. Ventilation of 250 times/hour keeps the booth clean. Laminar air flow from the ceiling of the booth does not cause air entrainment, back-flow, or retention inside the booth. Air is supplied through a conventional HEPA filter, and exhausted through a HEPA filter treated with bactericidal enzymes.
●Infection Control Exhaust Unit NR-600D: A simplified negative pressure generator for infection control in waiting rooms, patients’ rooms, nursing homes, etc. Patients' room can be remodeled to prevent air-borne infection by installing an air exhaust unit with an optional outside exhaust duct/fan system. A HEPA filter is equipped for air exhaust. No need for the special electrical work since household electric power supply fulfills the necessary power capacity. Operation mileage recorder helps maintenance of the HEPA filter.
●Plant Growth Chamber: An operation touch panel with time display is mounted on the upper part of the main body, which allows easy operation. Model L(P)H-XXS allows both constant operation at any temperature/light/ (humidity) and day/night switching operation. Model L(P)H-XXSP allows a program control. Five-sided illumination. Model LHs don’t need a drain hose or a tank because of a forced evaporation system inside the chamber. Three-position controller is used for temperature and humidity control (proportional control for heating), which provides low running costs. L(P)H-241/411S(P) provides high intensity illumination of 31,000 lx. The inner door has energy-saving functions, being used as one door or two up-and-down doors as per usual (Model 241/411).
●Low temperature incubator: Four step-program control operation Automatic alarms controlled by a microprocessor, a buzzer alarm as well as an alarm display on the operational panel (buzzer alarm is optional in model LP-50P). Prompt cooling to -15ºC. Easy-to-use operational panel with digital display
●Temperature gradient incubator: Compact design to save space. Changeover system between constant operation and day/night switching operation. Temperature can be separately controlled at each shelf, ranging from +5ºC to 50ºC (During lighting: from +10ºC to 40ºC). Each shelf is installed with WLED. Illumination of each shelf can be on/off controlled by using a touch panel. Illuminance can be manually controlled at each shelf. Even illumination with close illumination.
●Bio-multi incubator: Six different experiments can be done at the same time with 6 individual rooms. Six individual rooms can be separately controlled for temperature and illumination. High illumination control is available with Wide Wave LED (WLED). Multi-control system allows 2-step temperature control between +5ºC and 45ºC (during lighting: +15°C and 40°C) and illumination control of switching dark/light and light modulation. Biofriendly cooling with air jacket system. Protect cover is installed in the operation panel to prevent malfunction.
●Mini Plant Incubator: Excellent adiathermancy and sealing. Each shelf equipped 3 in 1 LED unit. The product can widely control the temperature in the range of 5ºC to 45°C without any lighting. The 3 in 1 LED adapts a digital dimmer, control the level of illumination: Red, Green, and Blue in the range of 0 to 100%. CO2 gas can be controlled. Easy to move with casters.
●Plant Microtome: Plant Microtome allows you to easily prepare thin, uniform and highly reproducible tissue slices from raw plant samples without pretreatment such as paraffin embedding or freezing. A plant leaf, stem, root, fruit, or growing point, which is pinched, pasted or bonded at a pith tip, is cut by a rotating knife (disposable blade) to prepare sections of 0.01 to 0.7 mm thick. A thick stem can be cut by directly holding it with a fixing bracket. The knife goes through the water tank whenever it rotates so that any adherents such as sample fragments, pith fragments or oil ingredients are washed away in the water to keep the knife always clean.