Nichiryo Co., Ltd.

Company Name:
Nichiryo Co., Ltd.
Representative's name:
Sakura Building 3F, 1-10-1 Kandanishiki-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 Japan
+81 3 6273 7652
+81 3 6273 7944
Micro pipette: - Nichipet Air (The Lightest Pipette), - Nichipet Premium LT (5-year warranty), - Nichipet Premium (5-year warranty), - Nichipet EX PlusII (Solvent Resistant), - Nichipet EXII (Best Selling Model), - Nichiryo Le (Light & Ergonomic), - Nichipet EX II MULTI (Multi-channel Model), - Nichipet FII & VII (Fixed Volume & Triple Volume), - Nichipet ECO (Glass Tip Pipette), - MODEL 3100 (Variable Volume Macro Pipette), - MODEL 5100 (Variable Volume Ultra Macro Pipette), - Disposable Pipette Tips, Dispenser: - MODEL 8100 (Variable Repetitive Syringe Dispenser), - MODEL 2100DG (Hand-held Dispenser), - Nichimate Stepper (Variable Repetitive Syringe Dispenser), - MODEL 8800 (8-Channel Variable Repetitive Syringe Dispenser), - Pipette Mate NEO (Pipette Controller), - ACCUPENSER JR. (Variable Volume Bottle Dispenser), - DISPET (Variable Volume Bottle-top Dispenser), - DISPET EXII (Variable Volume Bottle-top Dispenser), - DISPET Mini (Bottle-top Dispenser), Automatic Dispenser: - NichiMart CUBE (Comact Size Dispensing Workstation), - NSP-7000R (Multi-Channel Auto Sampling System), - NSP-7000IV (Fully Automated Dispensing Dilution System), - MILUTOR III (Automatic Dilution & Dispensing System),
Sales Points:
Nichiryo is a premium Japanese brand for Liquid Handling Products such as Micro Pipette. Established in 1944 Nichiryo has a long history of developing, manufacturing and selling of Pipette, Dispenser and Automatic Dispenser in global market. Based on a dispensing technology developed and refined since its establishment, Nichiryo offers a broad range of pipettes and dispensers for handling different liquids, including solvents and high-impact liquids. Its market-leading Nichipet Premium autoclavable model is noted for innovations in durability, precision, stability and comfort. To meet specific client requirements, Nichiryo also supplies custom-made liquid handling products. Three Nichiryo pipettes are on display at the Nobel Museum as commemorative gifts from Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, the winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. Dr. Yamanaka has been using the Nichipet EX micropipettes for a long time, including in his award-winning stem cell research – a testament to the quality of Nichiryo’s products. Nichiryo attributes corporate achievement to unrelenting focus on delivering superior product quality and customer service and it has been key to becoming a trusted partner to customers. Nichiryo exports its liquid handling instruments worldwide more than 40 years. In 1996, Nichiryo established a subsidiary in the United States to better serve its expanding client base in the Americas.