Natsume Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

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Natsume Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
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18-6, Yushima-2, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
KN-34700-E Natsume Aerosol Sprayers Series, KN-1071-E NARCOBIT-E Type2(Simple inhalation anesthesia apparatus for experiment on mice,rats and other small animals) ,KN-590-E NATSUME RAT(Rat model for training the animal experimental technique)
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●KN-34700-E Natsume Aerosol Sprayers Series:Purpose this spray is used to spray viruses and drugs into the trachea.Used for mouse, rat, guinea pig, marmoset, rabbit,and macaca fascicularis. Each spray has a different length and diameter.Custom-made products are also available upon request.
[For your Research]The product is widely used in research using bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis models.[Use Info]No syringe comes with this product.
Use a glass or plastic syringe with an internal capacity of 1 ml or less. If a liquid whose amount is 1 ml or larger needs to be sprayed, the liquid must be filled several times.
Reusable/Sterilizable: Can be cleaned with pure water and ultrasound, and sterilized by autoclave. Also dry sufficiently after cleaning.
●KN-1071-E NARCOBIT-E Type2 (Simple inhalation anesthesia apparatus for experiment on mice,rats and other small animals) :[Animals for use]The device is designed for use mainly in small experimental animals such as mice and rats.[Anesthetics to be used]Anesthetic can be selected from isoflurane and sevoflurane.  *The anesthetic device is designed for use with one of these drugs exclusively.[Simultaneous maintenance of multiple animals]By combining peripheral apparatuses, 1 to 10 mice or 1 to 7 rats can be maintained.[Necessary functions, only as required]We have achieved further cost reductions compared to our previous products by reviewing each component.
We provide a wide variety of peripheral apparatuses to answer various needs.
●KN-590-E NATSUME RAT(Rat model for training the animal experimental technique):“The concept of 3Rs*1” proposed by Russell and Burch in 1959 is currently the international principle on performing animal experiments, and this is an essential principle to follow in the life sciences.  *1Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement
Natsume Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. developed and now launch the Natsume Rat,a silicon mannequinfor training animal experimental techniques, taking account of how to address the principle of the 3Rs as a manufacturer of animal experiment devices.
We hope to contribute to a reduction in the number of experimental animals used, and Natsume Rat is used by those concerned as much as possible as practical efforts for alternatives to animal experiments in medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary education and the education for sophisticating animal experiment techniques.
[Specification]Length of body:190mm (7½”)、Length of tail:180mm (7”)、Sex:Male、Body weight:about 200 g、Material:Urethane