Mountech Co.,Ltd.

Company Name:
Mountech Co.,Ltd.
Representative's name:
Yutaka Yokohayama
Araki-cho 23-1 , Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
BET Full Automatic Surface Area Analyzer Macsorb®, Particle Size Analysis Software Mac-View, Full Automatic real density pycnometer Macpycno®, PUC colloid mills, INDAG Dynamic mixer
Sales Points:
Mountech is a manufacturer for powder physical property analysis instruments and software, especially BET specific surface area analyzer, particle size analysis software and pycnometer. We have pursued the usability and high precise measurement for these instruments for over 20 years. For this terms, we have constantly improved and developed the function for the instruments based on the customer feedback.
Especially for BET specific surface area analyzer, we have sold over 1,200 machines to all over the world starting from all Japan, China , Korea , Taiwan , South East Asia area and the other Asian countries.
Mainly our product is used by R&D laboratory, quality control department. In addition, our machine is used for the intermediate inspection in the manufacture process. So, anybody can use our machine even if the operator has no skill and knowledge.
Recently, we established the sales and service maintenance branch in Germany, Europe since 2017. In this branch, we have a laboratory for these machines. We have already sold some machines to European customers.
We will gradually expand the market from Europe to America and Africa in near the future.

On the other hand, we have deal in the wet type milling machine (PUC colloid mills) and inline dynamic mixer of ( INDAG dynamic mixer) made in Germany. These machine is used for mixing , dispersion , emulsification and dissolution process in chemical and food industry.
For PUC colloid mills, Colloid mills are used in a wide variety of applications in processing industries. In an annular gap between the stator and the rotor, which can be adjusted by changing the axial position of the stator, product particles are exposed to pressure, shear forces and friction, acting either individually or in combination. The minimum gap size between the stator and the rotor is 40 micro meter.This accuracy of gap size is the strongest merit compared with the other machines. This machine is used for the disparsion instead of 3 roll mill, In addition, this is used for emulsification and a role of pre-treatment before the process of bead mill or ball mill.
For INDAG dynamic mixer, Design and manufacture of dynamic mixers, foaming machines, design and manufacture of fluid control systems which are highly valued for their performance and reliability and are continuously delivered for applications in a wide range of fields including such industries as food,chemistry,petrochemical,cosmetics, pulp and paper and environmental.
INDAG dynamic mixer mainly used for the mixing, reacting , emulsification and foaming. Especially this mixer will be installed instead of batch mixing process or static mixer. Recently, the application for this mixer is expanding. There is INDAG mixer that will be installed instead of twin extruder in resin industry.
We have not only sold these machines but also maintained them by our Japanese professional engineer. Therefore, the customer in Japanese will be satisfied with the products and service as same as Japanese machines.