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Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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2-7-1 Ichigaya-sadohara-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0842 Japan
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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator, Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (Coulometric titration), Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (Volumetric titration), Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator, Density/Specific Gravity Meter, Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter, Refractometer, Portable Refractometer, Brix meter, EMS Viscometer, Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter, Heat Flow Meter, Heat Stroke Checker, Gas Volume Analyzer
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Outline of Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Since Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961, we are focusing on innovative solutions for specific niche applications, developing and manufacturing analytical and measuring instruments for dedicated applications.
Nowadays, our analytical instruments like Karl Fischer Moisture Titrators are widely used in research laboratories of universities and in the private industries.
We acquired the ISO/IEC17025 international standard by the Japan Calibration Certification System (JCSS) in 2002. We are the first calibration company in Japan entitled to issue calibration certificates with the JCSS mark which ensures the traceability to the national measurement standards for our density standard solutions and oscillating type density meters.
In the year 2011 our calibration laboratory also got the JCSS accreditation for refractive index standard solutions and refractometers. This enables us to offer not only world-class high accuracy but also traceability for several physical parameters.

1. Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
1) 4-ch concurrent measurement saves time, space and cost
Connecting Automatic Potentiometric Titrator and/or Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (up to 4 sets maximum) enables multiple simultaneous titration operation.
Easy management of the measurement data via USB memory stick.
2) Simple, accurate and safe
The large 8.4” color touch panel allows easy operation.
3) Customizable by selecting various options
Automatically records and recognizes the calibration results of titration solutions or electrodes by using a smart burette or a smart electrode cable incorporating an IC chip.(optional)

2. Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (Volumetric titration)
1) 4-ch concurrent measurement saves time, space and cost
2) Remote operation
Remote operation protects the operator from toxic gasses or organic solvents
3) Various advanced functions are available
Automatically calibrates the reagent titer by simply pressing a button

3. Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (Coulometric titration)
1) 4-ch concurrent measurement saves time, space and cost
2) Remote operation
3) Various advanced functions are available
Increased electrolysis rate shortens the pre-titration time and the measurement time.

4. Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator
The world first hybrid measurement method has enabled the measurement of moisture content from trace levels to high volume with just a single instrument.
1) Volumetric method + Coulometric method  Hybrid method
2) Cost-saving
Electrolytic factor measurement system has delivered a full automatic titration, without using pure water or standard solution

5. Density/Specific Gravity Meter
A resonant frequency oscillation-type density meter enables quick measurement even with small samples.
1) Temperature stabilization from the built-in Constant Temperature Unit shortens the measurement time
2) Connecting a Refractometer enables Density and refractive Index measurement at the same time
3) Portable model is also available.

6. Refractometer
Measuring the refractive index by the detection of critical angle of optical refraction method
1) Refractive index and concentration of sample can be measured with a simple operation
2) In the critical angle image mode, the image of the Abbe measurement scale can be viewed
3) Portable model and Brix meter are also available.

7. EMS Viscometer
New style of viscosity measurement by Electro Magnetically Spinning method.
A small probe sphere in the sample rotates by Lorentz force and its speed depends on the sample viscosity. EMS viscometer measures that speed and figures out the viscosity.
The intuitive and user-friendly software make it easy to operate. A variety of probe spheres are lined up for the best performance of viscosity measurement to match sample property. EMS-1000S measures small volume of sample, low viscosity sample which were difficult to measure by conventional instrument.

8. Gas Volume Analyzer
Automatically measures gas volume, air content and oxygen concentration necessary to control the bottling process of beverages.
1) Easy and safe operation
2) Supports various types of containers, metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles

9. Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter
Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter measures thermal conductivity of uniform material easily in a short time. The thermal conductivity of various samples such as block form or sheet in manufacturing, construction, handcraft, soil are measured by placing a probe on the surface of sample with the uniform temperature.
1) A clear, easy-to-see 5.7” TFT color LCD panel
2) Quick measurement using 3 channels probes
3) A choice of probes allows the optimum selection for each sample

10. Heat Stroke Checker
The wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT value) to prevent heat stroke can be easily measured at any time.

11. Portable Heat Flow Meter
Heat flow measurement enables acquisition of important thermal information which cannot be obtained only by the temperature measurement. This information is widely used for the evaluation of heat insulation performance, energy control and monitoring of heat flow in/out.

12. Integrated system
Some instruments are integrated to perform specific measurement based on the customer request. For instance, Density meter, Refractometer and Sample changer are integrated to measure alcohol level in beer.