KOKUGO Co., Ltd.

Company Name:
KOKUGO Co., Ltd.
Representative's name:
25 Tomiyama-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Bottles / Containers, Waste Containers, Washing Bottles, Beakers, Flasks, Cylinders, Funnels, Test Tubes, Bats / Trays, Crucibles / Balls / Plates, Baskets / Sieves, Muffs / Clamps / Stands, Jacks, Scoops, Ladles, Spoons, Spatulas, Tweezers, Plugs, Nipples / Pipettes, Bags, Sealers, Brushes, Laboratory Instruments, Micro-Syringes, Desiccators, Washing / Drying / Sterilization Equipment, Incubators / Heaters, Separation / Analysis / Culturing Equipment Stirring Equipment, Shaking & Grinding Equipment / Stirrer, Gloves, Finger Cots, Masks, Ventilation Systems, Glasses, Goggles, Waist Protection Belts, Soundproof Protective Equipment, Face Shields, Safety Helmets, Protective Clothing, Aprons / Arm Covers, Shoes, Socks / Shoe Covers / Slippers Electrostatic Protection Products, Wipes, Oil / Liquid Absorption Materials Cleaners, Signs / Stickers, Disaster Protection Products, Pumps / Compressors Magnifying Glasses, Microscopes, Loupes, Scales, Thermometers / Hydrometers, Timers, Tools, Abrasives, Transportations / Storages / Arrangements, Facilities, Environment Inspection Devices, Heating / Drying / Cooling Devices, Tubes, Hoses, Tube/Hose Accessories, PTFE Joints/Connectors, Resin Joints/Connectors, Metal Joints/Connectors, PTFE Valves / Cocks, Bands, Bolts / Nuts / Washer / ScrewsAdhesives, Lubricants Sealing Materials, Gaskets, Tapes, Sheets / Mats / Films, Round Ropes / Square Ropes / Pipes / Round Pipes, Containers / Tanks
Sales Points:
"Contribute to the progress and development of human society."

This is the company principle we have laid out ever since KOKUGO was founded. Based on this principle, our company, which started with development and sales of medical, physical and chemical, and household rubber and plastic products in 1945, have always invested full energy and resources to continue providing high quality and reasonable price products.

At the moment, our product portfolio is huge, covering from leading-edge technologies, biotechnology, energy to various industries. The total number of items has increased to over 40,000. However, we are never get satisfied with status quo. In order to further satisfy our customers and consumers that use our products and services, our ability to create continuously from a global standpoint is as important as ever.

While our employees, through their daily work, enhance themselves and create rewarding workplaces, we develop environmentally friendly products, establish recycling system, develop products that meet the needs of aging society and so on. Our dream is expanding unlimitedly and we continue to strive for contributing to society.

Company Principles

1. Corporate Vision

We respect our founder's spirit and dedicate ourselves to everlasting development of our business. We contribute to progress and development of human society and realize fulfilling life of employees.

2. Action Guidelines

We devote ourselves to customer-is-number-one spirit and always anticipate the movements and trends of the time and provide products, information and services that meet customers' needs with dedication and sincerity

IWith creativeness, courage and ability to execute, we endeavor to innovate our operations proactively and eliminate any relationship with antisocial organizations and people without any hesitation in attempt to develop and enlarge our businesses

We always try to pay attention to well-being, be moderate, and create healthy, positive and rewarding workplaces