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1-8-1 Minami-Magome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-8507, JAPAN
Moisture analyzer,composition analyzer,coating thickness tester,metal detector,whiteness tester,friction meter
Sales Points:
We are manufacture of instruments which are simple and handy type mainly. And some of analytical products have pre-installed calibration curves. Main products are as follows,

1. Rice, Grain and Seed Moisture Meters
• Practical electric resistance type and capacitance type with simple, handy and carriable uses.
• Calibration curves have already programed, thus no need making calibration curve before using.
• Single kernel moisture meter is also available, which is using for grain dryer in South Asian countries
• Our moisture meters are very common uses all over the world, especially in Asian countries.
• We have many applications for grains and foods market.
• Other instruments and testing tools for agriculture are also available.

2. Rice Composition Analyzers
• Principal is transmittance Near Infrared spectroscopy (NIR).
• Measurable protein and other compositions of Japanese short brown and milled rice.
• Calibration software is also available
• Reasonable price and easy to use.
• No.1 share in Japan and South Asian countries.

3. Rice Quality Analyzer
• We have just developed new concept Rice Quality Analyzer.
• Classify good, cracked, damaged, chalky rice and so on within one minute.
• Reasonable price and easy to use.

4. Whiteness meter of Whole Rice and Power sample
• Our original whiteness testers are easy to use with reasonable price.
• Whole rice whiteness tester is commonly used in Japan and South Asian countries.
• Powder whiteness tester is commonly used in Tapioca flour market.

5. Infrared Moisture Analyzers
• Common uses as of moisture determination balance, instead of oven dry method.
• New concept heat source, mid-wave infrared quartz heater and carbon heater.
• Our traceability certificate is available.

6. Near Infrared Analyzers
• Both of reflectance and transmittance type, and filter or scan spectroscopy type.
• Calibration software is also available.
• Desktop, in-line and handy type are also available.

7. Coating Thickness Testers
• Probe sensor type and integrated type are available.
• Common uses in Japan

8. Other instruments with simple and easy to use
We are manufacturing many varieties of moisture testers as follows,
Wood Moisture Testers, Paper Moisture Testers, Concrete & Mortar Moisture Testers, Copra Moisture Tester, Jute Moisture, Coffee, Cacao, etc.