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Japan Analytical Industry Co., Ltd.
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208 Musashi Mizuho Nishitama Tokyo Japan
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Recycling Preparative HPLC, GPC/SEC columns, Pyrolyzer, Thermal Desorption system, Cryogenic Sample Crusher
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Recycling Preparative HPLC promises you to make your purification steps simple, quick and easy. A major challenges in synthesis is to obtain enough pure starting materials and intermediates for the next-step reaction. Often, the impurities in reaction steps are chemically and structurally similar. The task of separating impurities out and getting the desired compound is a serious bottleneck in the process.

The recycling preparative HPLC provides a much faster and elegant approach to purify mg-gram quantities of basic building materials, intermediates, and final products. The basic concept is to direct samples post-column back to the beginning of the column in a closed loop system. The effective column length and resolution increased accordingly with each cycle. No additional solvents are used during recycling. When the baseline resolution is achieved, samples are collected.

You will no longer need to spend a lot of time on discussing over separation conditions and you will be very confident in your sample purity. Please learn more about the new unique separation technology and LaboACE series, the latest generation of our recycling preparative HPLC.

Curie point pyrolyzes offer you the quickest thermal decomposition in the market, taking only 0.2 seconds to reach up to your target temperature in the range from 160 C degree to 1040 C degree to volatile samples and the gas phase will be introduced into your GC, GCMS, for polymer identification, rubber, material composition analysis, forensic analysis, VOC, Outgas, odor analysis. JAI offers the world first portable pyrolyzer that installation onto an injection port of GC is no longer necessary and keep the port open for other analysis. JAI also offers the world first hybrid type of pyrolyzer, that has a capability of both curie point heating method and furnace heating, thus you have all the benefits, such as instantaneous heating as well as temperature control and EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis).