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3-1-25 Ikenohata, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 110-0008 Japan
Laboratory Glassware, Beaker low form, Beaker tall form, Beaker philips, Flask erlenmeyer, Flask flat-bottom, Flask round-bottom, Flask eggplant, Flask kjeldahl, Glass bottle with screw cap (clear), Glass bottle with screw cap (Brown), Flask erlenmeyer with screw cap, Flask erlenmeyer shaking with baffles, Flask recovery with TS joint, Houseware, Glass blank
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HARIO. It is the king of glass, " 玻璃王".
We have been manufacturing laboratory glassware since 1921 as a borosilicate glass
manufacturer, which is an excellent glass material invented in the 20th century.
HARIO celebrated 100th anniversary in 2021.
HARIO will continue to manufacture borosilicate glass materials.

【Features of HARIO laboratory glassware】
■Pure material
The material is pure, refined from 100% natural minerals.
We use 100% "natural salt" for the defoaming agent used in the manufacturing process.
We do not use any harmful heavy metals such as arsenous acid or antimony.
You can use this material for your chemical analysis with confidence.
Another feature of this material is that the color of the glass is as close to transparent as possible.(Some products are different.)

■Uniformity of glass wall thickness at the bottom
The glass molding method is blow molding.
As a result, the thickness of the glass at the bottom is even and uniform.
As an advantage, it reduces uneven heating and stabilizes the movement of the stirrer.

■Stable product shape
Since the product is molded using a mold, the product shape is always consistent.
This minimizes dimensional variation and reduces defects when installed in analytical instruments.
(HARIO uses the JIS standard as a reference.)

■Non-drip spout
The spout is designed to prevent dripping, which has been cultivated through years of experience in glass processing.
It is safe when handling hazardous chemicals.

■Clear printing
The use of silk screen printing makes it possible for even fine text to be printed clearly.

■Made in Japan for the world
Most of our products are manufactured in our own factory in Japan.
We are able to respond quickly in terms of response and lead time.

【About H-32】
■Safe glass material
Borosilicate glass suitable for human body and chemical analysis "H-32"
Borosilicate glass is an earth-friendly material refined from natural minerals.
To improve the safety of the material, we also use "natural salt" as a defoaming agent to avoid leaving bubbles generated in the manufacturing process.
We do not use any harmful heavy metals such as arsenous acid and antimony, which are commonly used.
This material can be used for processing and chemical analysis with peace of mind.

■Electric glass melting furnace
“H-32” is melted in an electric glass melting furnace, resulting in excellent glass homogeneity.
The electric glass melting furnace is highly regarded as a pollution-free, highly efficient electric furnace.

■Heatproof Quality
The heat resistance of glass is indicated by the difference in heat resistance temperature.
In laboratories, glassware is sometimes heated rapidly from low to high temperatures, or the temperature rises rapidly due to chemical reactions.
In addition, there are cases where glassware is rapidly cooled from a high temperature to a low temperature.
Therefore, laboratory equipments must be able to withstand rapid temperature changes. “H-32" has extremely low thermal expansion, which means that it will not expand or
contract due to rapid heating or cooling.
*Conforms to the "borosilicate glass-1" standard specified in JIS R 3503.
*RoHS evaluated.
Difference in heat resistance temperature : 120℃
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion : 3.2×10 -6 /deg(30~330℃)
Specific heat : 0.20cal/g・deg(20~100℃)
Thermal conductivity : 0.0026cal/cm・sec・deg(room temperature)
Specific gravity : 2.23g/cm3
Alkaline elution amount : 0.075ml/g(JIS R 3503-2004 based)

■Easy processing
The glass material withstands rapid heating and cooling, so the risk of damage during processing is low.
It is also economical because of its high viscosity and easy processing.

■Factory without chimney
Environmentally friendly facilities ensure stable glass production.
ISO 9001/14001
In 1972, we succeeded in developing the "direct current glass melting furnace.
Ahead of its time, the HARIO factory became an environmentally friendly, pollution-free factory with no chimneys.