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contact angle meter
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Automatic Contact Angle Meter – Smart Contact –
With the world first tablet type contact angle meter the compact and lower-cost system compared with that of Window PC and FA camera has been made possible.

With the automatic system you are able to obtain the improved measurement environment at less cost. Performance variation may be unavoidably caused by individual operator with the conventional manual type contact angle measurement.

The automatic contact angle measurement ensures the quantitative evaluation of cleanliness, wettability and uniformity at the molecular level by eliminating the measurement difference caused by the individual operator.
Industries and applications

Surface quality evaluations
Electronic Components
Automobile Components
Medical device
Fabric etc

For  Wettability  Cleanliness  Surface quality evaluationsOne-touch operation and easy mode election withoutthe need for a PC. Included with the Instrument is an Android tablet with a 12.3 megapixel camera that allows for high quality measurement of manual focus adjustment ,static and dynamic contact angles. Excel and image data is easily shared with a PC via wifi or a micro USB cable. Automatic contact angle measurement prevents variance that is often found when taking manual measurements.
Automatic measurement system of contact angle
Dynamic contact angle measurement (supporting the water droplet-sliding method )
Time course change measurement
Droplet image displayed, stored
Contact angle calculated, displayed
External signal output, storage function
Calculated Data Output to Excel

One-touch measurement
Dynamic contact angle measurement through the tangent line method is completed bythe touch of measurement icon. Capable of time-variance change measurement of high-resolution 5M pixel 20fps.

Android tablet system, no PC is required
Smart-measurement by Android4.4Tablet The system configured on compact as well as low-cost design, enables wider usage environment including the site use due to battery drive.

Data sharing by the Wi-Fi function
Wifi function easily allows a data sharing in a remote laboratory and the overseas spot from the office.

Preservation of Excel/the image
Capable of storing CSV output of Excel, and storing Jeg file and bmp file of droplet image.

Capable of time change measurement
The consecutive still image preservation functions enable the automatic analysis of change measurement according to time.

Improvement of measurement variance
The automatic analysis function enables improved measurement by cancelling variance caused by manual operation by individuals

The three points including the droplet at right and left point at equal distances are assumed as a part of the ball, and expressed as the contact angle (right and left average)at its right and left end. Because measurement of contact-angle on the droplet, at right-end, at left-end, is performed independently, dynamic back and forth measurement of contact angle is possible. Measurement of change at time is madeon the graph function of the measurement result

In the case of “θ/2 method”, the fallen droplet is assumed as a part of the sphere and the contact angle is expressed as a double angle constituted by linking the line between the top and both ends to the left and right of droplet.

International standards
Smart Contact is designed for test methods
・ASTM D724, D5725, D5946
・ISO 15989
・JIS R3257