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Daiki Rika Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
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Digital Cone Penetrometer, Soil Hardness Meter, Crust Hardness Meter, Soil Sampler, pF meter, iTensiometer, Tensiometer, Soil Moisture Meter, Digital Actual Volumenometer, Multi-Fold pF Meter, Permeameter, Automatic mill and sieve for Soil, Rainfall Simulator, Soil Water Sampler
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We manufacture and sell the equipment for soil measurement, groundwater measurement and environmental pollution investigation. Main features of our products are;

Digital Cone Penetrometer measures hardness of soil in vertical way. It is useful when you research for the influence of soil hardness on the growth of crop. As it displays the hardness (MPa) graphically, you will acquire the hardness at a glance. The measured data is saved as CSV format so that you can save and edit the data in your PC.

iTensiometer is an integrated model for logger, battery and sensor function in one unit. Thanks to Bluetooth communication, you can send setting instruction such as measurement interval to the measuring unit from a handy display unit. The measured data is saved as CSV format and can be collected to the display unit. You can edit and save the data with your PC.

Digital Actual Volumenometer measures ratio for air phase, solid phase and liquid phase in a sample soil. You will know if the soil can grow roots or store water by the measurement. Compare to the conventional measurement, this automatic process is more accurate so that the measurement errors on each user can be reduced.

Rainfall Simulator is suitable for Pesticide kinetic studies and waterproof test for products. By applying newly developed rainfall nozzle, it reproduces natural rain so that it can be set from 1.9mm diameter to 2.8mm diameter of raindrop in random rainfall mode.

Automatic mill and sieve for soil enables you to crush and sieve a lot of samples simultaneously in short time. As the container of the sample can be prevented leaking, you can rely on it even if the sample to be investigated is contaminated.