BeatSensing Co., Ltd.

Company Name:
BeatSensing Co., Ltd.
Representative's name:
Mr. Morino / Ms. Tanaka
1072-1, Tokura, Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, 411-0917 Japan
NIR Sensing Devices (component analyzers) and Probes, NIR Sensing Device (moisture analyzer), NIR VHP MONITOR, Mixing-Defoaming Devices for cups or specifically for syringes (rotation/revolution mixer), Blade-type mixer for semisolid preparations, Multirole rotation/revolution mixer (pulverization, powder/ointment mixing, granulation).
Sales Points:
Introducing the Compact BeatSensor, an NIR sensor that can perform non-destructive / non-contact / real-time analysis of components in drugs, chemicals, foods, beverages, etc. Our Compact BeatSensor comes in two types: a reflection type, which has a built-in measurement probe, and a fiber type, which can be connected to various probes and can be used in both transmission and reflection measurements, according to the needs of the customer. Each of these two types has a 1000 model and a 1700 model, depending on the wavelength range needed to be covered. These four models are designed for easy implementation in inline/online use, while maintaining the precision necessary for lab work. The preparation of calibration curves, which is essential for NIR analyzers, is easy with our exclusive, user-friendly software.
We also offer mixers that mix materials in a container, using rotation/revolution motion without the need of a stirring rod. We can accommodate various needs with mixers that: can perform both mixing and defoaming; are specifically for syringes or cups; can meet multiple needs such as tablet crushing, powder/ointment blending, and granulation all with one device; etc. Advantages of these mixers include high-speed mixing as well as, depending on the model, minimal risk of contamination and minimal material waste. In addition, we have a blade-type mixing device from a German company, gako. It is mainly used at pharmacies for ointment dispensing and at cosmetic companies for formula development. Among its strengths are ease of use and highly effective prevention of contamination. It comes with a mixing program, the development of which is backed by a wealth of data, and also a feature to create your own mixing programs.