ALP Co.,Ltd.

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ALP Co.,Ltd.
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3-3-10,Midorigaoka,Hamusa-shi,Tokyo 205-0003,Japan
Autoclave (Vertical & Horizontal,10L~105L, 101~125℃, ~140℃ or ~150℃) Autoclave with pre-vacuum and vacuum drying by water-vacuum pump Retort autoclave (45L~82L, 70-127℃, small ~ middle quantity sterilizing ability) Incubator (280L~1400L, R.T.+5℃~ 60℃ or +3℃~50℃ with cooler type) Mild air circulating oven (270L~1000L, R.T.+5℃~100℃, space saving type) Hot air circulating oven (270L~3000L, 50℃~300℃,space saving or great type) Drying oven for powder or soil for food industry or agriculture rasearch use) Hot air sterilizer (300L~648L, 50℃~260℃, vertical or horizontal type) Clean oven (360L~600L, class 100 clean grade, R.T.+50℃~300℃) Clean oven (360L~600L, class 1000 clean grade, R.T.+5℃~80℃) Clean instrument drying & keeping cainet (270L~720L, R.T.+5℃~80℃)
Sales Points:
ALP are manufacturing above products since 1976 in our factories in Tokyo metropolis to be managed by QMS ISO9001:2015 & ISO13485:2003, regulation of JIS and Japanese ordinance of pressure vessel and medical devices.
These products are used by official or private reseach laboraotiesin Japan and in many countries in the world.