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No.2-23-1, Shimotoda, Toda-shi, Saitama, 335-0011, Japan
Chemical Mixers "ACM Series",High Speed Cutter-Mixers "Cutter Mixer Series",Planetary Mixers "MIGHTY S Series"
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The "ACM series" is a mixer for scientific materials with special functions for mixing various raw materials such as paints, electronic materials, cosmetics and chemicals. Suitable for low-viscosity to high-viscosity materials, suitable for a variety of applications from small-scale research to large-scale production. Due to special specifications, the ball container has functions such as heating, cooling, vacuum, and pressurization, and it is possible to stir, mix, and disperse while suppressing scientific changes in the material.

High-speed cutter mixer "Cutter Mixer Series" that instantly emulsifies, mixes, and cuts by rotating the cutter knife at high speed. Since it is designed and manufactured in-house, we can also manufacture custom-made models that meet the needs of our customers. Possible to manufacture models that process while vacuuming, pressurizing, cooling and heating. And is widely used in various fields such as the food processing industry, cosmetics industry, and chemical industry such as pharmaceuticals. In addition, we have standard type (S type) and deluxe type (D type) from small models that can be used in stores such as restaurants and bakeries to mass production and plant models.

The "Mighty S Series" mixer is a multipurpose vertical mixer for a variety of disciplines and industries.It is a flat design that uses a lot of stainless steel parts. Wide lineup from small to large. The long type, which takes workability and hygiene into consideration, has a long mast and is equipped with an automatic ball lift device. The bowl can be removed with the attachment attached, improving the working environment and efficiency. And they are designed from a hygienic point of view. The flat surface of the stainless surface facilitates cleaning.