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4388 Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 224-0053 Japan
High Temperature Observation System, Arc-Plasma Method Nano-Particle Deposition System, Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measurement System, Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System for Small Modules, Mini Lamp Annealer, High Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing System, Infrared Gold Image Furnace
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Over 50 years since its foundation through the period of ULVAC-RIKO ( former name), ADVANCE RIKO, Inc. has devoted the technical developments related to “HEAT”, supplied many products such as infrared lamp heating systems, and thermal analysis/thermal property measurement systems, and contributed to technical developments, researches and production activities of the customers in the world.

We would introduce our main products below.

High Temperature Observation System TMS series
Vivid observations with image heating and the latest optical system
Capable of observations of the crystal transformation, deposition, and solidification of metallic materials, capable of observations of the molten state and deposits of various materials, and capable of thermal cycle measurements of polymer materials from crystals → molten → re-solidification
Applications: Observations of the crystal transformation of metallic materials, observations of the molten state of various materials

Arc-Plasma method nano-particle Deposition System APD series
This is the only vacuum deposition system capable of creating nanoparticles and nano thin film with new specific capacities by generating metal ions through pulse arc discharge.
This system is used to create nano particles for electrode catalyst, photocatalyst and exhaust gas catalyst of fuel cells, also to form special materials such as hard thin film, magnetic film, lithium ion and battery electrode.
By adding Arc Plasma Source APS-1, alloying two or three metals can be possible.
Applications: Fuel cell catalyst, exhaust gas catalyst, photocatalyst with use of nano particle, VOC dispersed catalyst, carbon nano tube catalyst, Plasmon, Metal thin film(magnetism, plasmon, protection film

Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measurement System ZEM-3 series
Simultaneously measures the Seebeck coefficient and electric conductivity of thermoelectric materials
Based on requests from both domestic and international academic societies and customers, this system features our easy to use, high-precision measurement techniques.
Complies with JIS standards for thermoelectric material Seebeck coefficient measurement equipment.
Applications: Evaluate the thermoelectric properties of a wide variety of materials including semiconductors, ceramics, and metals

Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System for Small Modules Mini-PEM
Measure thermoelectric conversion efficiency for thermoelectric material alone and a pair of thermoelectric material
This system can evaluate not only power generation but also conversion efficiency of thermoelectric
modules. The conversion efficiency is evaluated from current dependency of power generation measured with four-probe method and heat flow measured with heat flow meter.
High temperature part can reach up to 500 deg C(standard specifications), while low temperature part is cooled with water flow.
Applications: Evaluation of maximum power generation amount and heat flow, Evaluation of module conversion efficiency calculated from maximum power generation and heat flow, Evaluation of power generation amount and heat flow with thermoelectric material alone, Performance and lifetime evaluation of thermoelectric module.

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5000 series
Perfect for research and development on small samples
Capable of high-speed heating, high-speed cooling, and clean heating. This small, low-cost Infrared Lamp Heating System combines a temperature controller and a variable atmosphere chamber, capable of heating in an adjustable atmosphere. Heating operations can be performed on a PC via a USB connection and data can be easily managed.
Applications: Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) of small sample

High Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing System RTA-MR59HD
This desktop ultra-high temperature annealing system achieves high reflection efficiency by heating in a focused manner precious materials like SiC and other small materials with high melting points and is capable of heating up to ultra-high temperature range of 1800 °C
Applications: Oxide film formation in SiC(GaN) power device process, Research and development of activation annealing

Infrared Gold Image Furnace RHL Series
Meeting the customer’s needs with infrared lamp heating
Infrared Gold Image Furnaces are used in various fields for research and development or as production equipment. Infrared Gold Image Furnaces meet the customers' needs from high-speed heating to wide-area heating.
Applications: RTA of Si, compound semiconductors, annealing furnace for glass and ceramic substrates, Atmosphere annealing furnace for metals, Heat-resistance evaluation furnace for composite materials, High-temperature expansion/contraction testing furnace